Name: Kaecee Severance
Hometown: Columbus Ohio
I am Kaecee Severance I am a flirty and fierce 21 year old Power Patrol member for the Columbus Blue Jackets and huge hockey fan. I also love the Detroit Red wings and Toronto Maple Leafs.  I absolutely love working for the Blue Jackets and cheering for my hometown hockey team!

 Age: 21
Favorite Team: Columbus Blue Jackets
Favorite Player: Curtis Sanford
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This weeks Hockey Hub Ice Girls honor goes to The Great One's daughter, Paulina Gretzky and her deactivated Twitter account.  Paulina recently deleted her Twitter account, but before doing so she left us with a series of top notch twitpics.  We were a little hesitant to post this due to the fact that she is part of hockey royalty...but whatever.  Sorry 9's!


Stick tap to the Boston Bruins for setting this up.
How awesome is this!!!!!!!
Name: Amanda Buonvino-Torres
Age: 21

Hometown: Philadelphia
Favorite Team: Flyers

Favorite Player: Jagr

Website: @puckducky

Have been a die hard hockey fan since age 3. I am a season ticket holder with the Flyers and rarely miss a game. I eat sleep breath ice hockey and watch all the games I can fit in one day..I will watch any team and I am not afraid to voice my opinion when watching. I have a sports twitter and have quite a few followers that know I really know the game , not a puckbunny.
This weeks edition of Hockey Hub Ice Girls is brought to you by the lovely ladies of the KHL.  No wonder the NHL is loosing players to the K!

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Check out the GoPro Helmet Hero in some beer league action.  We just purchased one of these bad boys last week...stay tuned for some GoPro vids from the Hub staff.  Get your GoPro here.

Now that all these young bucks decided to start pulling Spin-O-Ramas...lets take a minute and tip our caps to the O.G. who invented it.